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23 June 2024
Wardle McLeanOur Offer

Our Offer

Groups and interviews of varying lengths with different numbers of people: productive, cost-effective and revealing when done well. There is nothing like a good conversation.

Participant observation: We get out and watch and listen to people doing things. Sometimes you've just got to be there.

Co-discovery interviews: we observe and film people, then playback for narration; the best way to understand behaviour, from the subject's POV.

Ethnography: we've teamed up with leading ethnographic researchers EverydayLives to offer filmed ethnographic methods and 'hybrid' approaches, including the revolutionary new EthOS app.

International: we have an established network of independent research companies, Intersearch, across Europe and beyond so we can deliver results quickly and cost-effectively.

Deliberative research and other kinds of workshops or facilitation: deliberative techniques to understand complex areas, internal workshops and facilitation also offered.

Recruitment-only and studio: Propeller Field offers accurate and personable qualitative research recruitment. Propeller Studio uses broadcast-quality cameras to film groups.

Visioning: a method of interviewing which delves deeper to find out how products, brands and communications are stored in the unconscious.

Perfect Pitch: tailor-made, high quality advertising or design pitch research for agencies, with a success fee. You win, we win.

"It is always a pleasure working with Wardle McLean - they are a great team, highly professional, quick and imaginative in their response. They helped us gain clear insights which, after all, is what it's all about."

Publisher, Intelligent Life (part of the Economist Group)

Contact Us

Contact Us

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